JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick (VIDEO)

If you have 3 and a half hours to spare, this may be one of the most important documentaries you will ever watch. From World War I all the way to 9/11, director and narrator Francis Richard Conolly illustrates how the same small group of ungodly rich men have played puppet master to all of the world’s major conflicts over the last one hundred years. Many of these same men are responsible for the creation of such things as the Federal Reserve System, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the World Bank, IMF, Bank of International Settlements, the United Nations and the Trilateral Commission.

Call it an Invisible Government. Shadow Government. The Deep State. Cabal. The Establishment. These men are behind it all.


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  • What’s it all about? What I submitted yesterday suggested that–ultimately–it’s the Power Elite (or Military Industrial (Intelligence) Complex), so–yes–we seem to be “on the same page.” Then there is the reality of millions of Americans who–on some level–perceived a SERIOUS problem (many of whom had lost jobs or homes or retirement funds), but were not sophisticated to grasp the ACTUAL reality of this “FUBAR,” and heard a Trump message to which they found they resonated (not unlike the pseudo-populist message of Huey Long in the twenties and thirties).

    Finally, I think a third (more minor) factor might’ve been the black’s insistence that “Black lives matter!!!” Well, CERTAINLY (and I’ve been very sympathetic to this call!), but this may have amounted to a tactical mistake, as it might well have alienated many whites. During these troubled times, it might well have been better to target the last three–corrupt–administrations, and to emphasize how MANY Americans (overall) have lost because of developments since 2008 (and even 2001)(e.g. related to the HUGE incidence of corruption and criminality in the “financial sector” (and the ABSURD subsequent bail-out)(and these lunatic interminable foreign military ventures)(as well as the certifiably insane NeoCons demanding huge budget cuts, w/o touching the Pentagon money!)…and…then DEMAND: “Let’s fight a COMMON ENEMY, so that EVERYONE will win!!!”